Chemical and electrochemical exposure causes corrosion of surfaces of parts, units and structures. For any construction type and operating conditions, the best way to protect metal surfaces from corrosion is to cover them with protective paint coatings. They are easy to apply, refresh and give good decorative appearance. Their protective action is based either on mechanical isolation of surfaces, chemical or electrochemical interaction between the surface and the coating.

Paintwork materials can be used to cover any machines, units and equipment and work well in various climates. The paints must be resistance to several impacts, i.e., heat and cold, moisture, UV radiation, etc.

High-quality coatings require professional approach. We use cutting-edge certified equipment to apply paint on metal products and structures. Our workers have extensive experience of painting work.

All painting works are done in painting chamber (ATIS, Russian Federation).

  • Chamber dimensions: interior (length – 6.9 m, width – 3.9 m, height – 2.7 m).

Our equipment:

  • SATA spray guns;
  • Rupes painting equipment.


  • Dold AG;
  • Lankwitzer, etc. (on customer’s request).


If you would like us to do a painting project for you, please fill in the order form or call us.

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