We provide a full range of engineering services, i.e., from work specification to a complete package of USDD compliant documents for designed accessories, parts, units, and machinery.
Production accessories and equipment
LLC “KUB Production and Engineering Company” manufactures a wide range of cutting-edge production accessories made by our design or by customer’s drawings.
Laser cutting
Laser cutting of metal is an innovative technology of machine cutting of metal. The technology allows cutting of metal sheets of any form and steel grade and ensures high precision and any artistic solution.
Metal bending
Metal bending is a process by which a metal part can form a three-dimensional shape without welding. The process prevents quick corrosion of metal and makes the product more attractive (seamless), well-worked and precise. Bending can be applied to metal sheets, strips, bands, rods and plastic pipes.
Welding is a most important process for manufacturing and repair of various structures in many industries. Welding is used so widely because it can produce highly efficient, operational and production-friendly constructions.
Machining is an essential process that ensures the highest precision and smoothness of surfaces. Machining operations can be done on turning lathes, milling machines, drilling and other metal-cutting machines.
Metalwork milling
Metalwork milling is a key service rendered by our company. Our production and engineering facilities for milling work enable various milling operations in metalworking.
Chemical and electrochemical exposure causes corrosion of metal surfaces. For any construction type and operating conditions, the best way to protect metal surfaces from corrosion is to cover them with protective paint coatings.  
Rumbling (we work with metal parts) is a finishing process that removes defects, e.g., burrs, flashes, scales, off metal surfaces. It can also polish parts to make them shiny and smooth. The process prepares metal parts for further use.